Dean's council


prof. dr hab. Adam Doliwa


Deputy Deans

dr hab. Piotr Artiemjew, prof. UWM - Deputy Dean for development of Computer Science

dr Aleksandra Kiślak-Malinowska - Deputy Dean for students affairs


Head of internal authorities

prof. dr hab. Aleksy Tralle - chairman of the Scientific Council of the Mathematics Discipline, Head of the Chair of Algebra and Geometry

dr hab. Maciej Bocheński, prof. UWM – deputy chairman of Scientific Council of the Mathematics Discipline

dr hab. Artur Siemaszko, prof. UWM – Head of Chair of Analysis and Differential Equations

dr hab. Adam Lecko, prof. UWM – Head of Chair of Complex Analysis

dr hab. Aleksander Denisiuk – Head of Chair of Applied Computer Science and Mathematical Modeling

dr hab. Mark Pankov, prof. UWM - Chair of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

prof. dr hab. Lech Polkowski – Head of Chair of Mathematical Methods of Informatics

Adrian Albrecht - students representative

mgr inż. Mariola Adamska – Head of Dean’s Office


Trade unions representatives with advisory voice

dr Stanisław Drozda

mgr Anna Niedziela