We would like to propose the following hotels for the accommodation during the conference. These hotels have prepared a special offer for conference participants.

Hotel Park (recommended hotel, it is very close to the conference venue)

Approximate prices per night:

  • 190 PLN (ca. EURO 45) single room,
  • 210 PLN (ca. EURO 49) double room,

Address: Aleja Warszawska 119, 10-701 Olsztyn, Poland

contact e-mail: 

In case of booking, please inform that the reservation is made within the contract with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in order to obtain a special price. If you are asked for a password, it is CSP 2019.


Hotel Warminski (additional one – in the city centre)

Approximate prices per night:

  • from 269 PLN (EURO 65) double room
  • from 299 PLN (EURO 70) supreme double room

Address: ul. Kolobrzeska 1, 10-442 Olsztyn
Promotional code for rebated reservations will be sent to participants after registration.

Student Hostels (in the University campus, close to conference)

Approximate prices per night:

  • 20 EURO single room,
  • 35 EURO double room