In Poland there are 3 cities named Olsztyn. The Conference takes place in the biggest one, located at the north-east part of the country.

How to reach by plane

Two major international airports nearest to Olsztyn are:

From these airports, you can reach Olsztyn by a train or by a bus.

At Warsaw Airport “Chopin” you can rent a car to directly reach Olsztyn or use local taxi (recommended), train to get to the main Warsaw train station WARSZAWA CENTRALNA. From this station there are direct train connections to Olsztyn.

At Gdansk Airport you can rent a car or get/rent a bus to directly reach Olsztyn or use local taxi (recommended) to get to the GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY train station. From this station there are direct train connections to Olsztyn.

At Warsaw Airport Modlin you can rent a car to directly reach Olsztyn or use bus to get to MODLIN train station, and then access WARSZAWA CENTRALNA by the train connection.

There is also a local airport very close to Olsztyn (58km): Olsztyn-Mazury Airport. Please check it as an alternative connection. More information about bus, car and train connection from/to this airport to Olsztyn centre can be found at the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport website.

 How to reach by train

The main railway and bus station in Olsztyn (OLSZTYN GŁÓWNY) is situated near taxi stand and a main tram station (you can get to University Campus using tram no. 3, this is the last stop). In order to get a train transport from other cities please visit Polish Railways website: There are direct train connections with GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY, WARSZAWA CENTRALNA, which costs from 40zł. You can get to these stations (GDAŃSK GŁÓWNY, WARSZAWA CENTRALNA) from appropriate airports (Gdansk Airport, Warsaw Airport “Chopin”) using a taxi (recommended) or a local bus.


Taxi costs from an airport to a train station are about 30-100zł, depending on the distance. Cost of a taxi from OLSZTYN GŁÓWNY to hotel is about 20-40zł (polish currency, also labeled as PLN or złoty(ch)).

You can call taxi in the whole Poland using single number 0048 800 400 400.
In Olsztyn you can also call other taxi services with their access numbers: 0048 89 196 66, 0048 89 533-00-30, 0048 89 5279692

Transport from Hotel to Conference

Hotel “Park” and Student Hostels are in a walking distance to the conference. From Hotel Warmiński, you can access conference using taxi or Tram no 3 (with label 3. UNIVERSYTET-PRAWOCHENSKIEGO).


Please check the following link:

mapka-w -olsztynie

When in Olsztyn, in case of need for help, please call +48 665 440 244